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If you love how easy your customer service has become using AutomatePro, we'd love you to tell all your friends. Better yet, we pay monthly recurring commissions on all new business referrals.

When you invite 10 small business owners to signup for AutomatePro, once they become paying customers, your referral commission will completely cover your monthly cost, plus give you a little extra spending money. Nice!

(Note: Only active monthly subscriptions are qualified for affiliate commissions.)

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Automation Works For Every Business

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Rewarding Our Biggest Fans Monthly

Our whole business is built on the idea that great word of mouth is the best way to built a great business. And since you're willing to go the extra mile and refer your fellow business owners to us, it makes sense that we go the extra mile and reward you for your support, every single month.

Referral commissions are paid to affiliates every month there is an active subscription. So we'll keep saying thank you, over and over, month after month.

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